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Business and Labour History Group

Led by Associate Professor Simon Mowatt, the group highlights the contribution of historical business and labour studies to critical scholarship, contemporary policy and teaching and learning, linking the international, Pacific and Auckland communities.

Andrew Parsons
Ann-Marie Kennedy
Carol Neill
David Williamson
Edwina Pio
Erling Rasmussen
Felicity Lamm
Fiona Hurd
Geoffrey Brooke
Gina Xu
Julie Douglas
Lisa Nguyen
Paul Moon
Peter Gilderdale
Peter Skilling
Rob Allen
Romie Littrell
Rowena Sinclair
Simon Mowatt (group leader)

The group focuses on the following main approaches to business and labour history:

  • Historical case studies of organisational development and innovation, including studies of technological and industrial change
  • Labour history concerning employment relations, working class culture, trade unions, non-union employee representation, political parties of labour and international comparative studies in all of these areas
  • Historical analysis of public policy development in employment relations, labour law, occupational health and safety, gender and diversity
  • Historical research in economics, employment relations, labour law, occupational health and safety, marketing, management, accountancy, finance and other business-based disciplines.
  • The development of historical perspectives of long term trends in business practices and ideology, including patterns of work and organisation and labour relations, as a contribution to understanding where we are today, and why.


How did “Clean and Green” New Zealand lose the Organics race? – Associate Professor Simon Mowatt



Revolutions from Grub Street: A history of magazine publishing in Britain

Revolutions from Grub Street book coverAssociate Professor Simon Mowatt and Professor Howard Cox (University of Worcester, UK) are pleased to announce the publishing of their book Revolutions from Grub Street: A History of Magazine Publishing in Britain. In a narrative spanning over 300 years, the book draws together a wide range of new and existing sources to provide the first comprehensive business history of magazine-making in Britain.

Revolutions from Grub Street can be purchased online through Oxford University Press. Read the reviews.



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